30 or 60 minute long online training with a chance to ask questions at the end.

Upcoming Webinar

Accounting for Sole Proprietorships

A short introduction to Swiss accounting principles, tools and software.

Webinars are 60 minute online training units, with a focus on a specific topic within a module or field.

Webinars are either live or recorded learning modules.

Live Webinars
Live webinars are hosted at a specific time. In these sessions, you will be able to participate as you would in any class: you can ask questions, and respond to other participants’ comments via the chat function. There is no audio or visual live interaction with the instructor, or among the participants.

Recorded Webinars
These webinars are previously recorded learning sessions and offer no interaction with the instructor or the other participants.

The respective worksheets for all webinars are downloadable from a link provided before the start of the webinar.