Learn How to Start Your Own Small Business in Switzerland

SSBB is the one-stop training & resource centre in English for Expat Entrepeneurs to learn how to plan, start, register and run their (small) business in the Swiss Confederation.

Zurich Workshops

Intensive, highly focused workshop modules at Zurich Volkshaus.

SSBB workshops are on hiatus.


Modules A, B, C & D


Modules E, F, G & H

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The Legwork
A Branding
B Planning
C Incorporating
D Finance

The Webwork
E Website
F WordPress
G Social Media
H Digital Marketing

Designed for the Expat Entrepreneur

Forms, submission & registration processes explained

The SSBB modules provide clarity about where to focus your energy in each area, and how to break big tasks down into smaller, more manageable ones, so you can get ahead. They also flag potential pitfalls for the non-Swiss entrepreneur.

Get Informed

So you’ve had this really cool business idea for a while now, but the thought of starting something new, in a foreign country where everything is in a bunch of different languages, no less, just seems too daunting?

Well, it’s high-time to take the bull (or in this case, cow) by the horns and find out that setting up shop in Switzerland really is not that complicated or hard.

Get Organised

What gets measured gets managed and what gets scheduled, gets done. And, let’s face it, magic can only happen, when stuff gets done.

However, for many people, getting their administrational ducks in a row can seem to be an insurmountable task.

But armed with the right tools and a little routine, you’ll see that getting organised CAN be easy, breezy, Swiss-Gruyère-cheesy.

Get Going

Getting started may seem like the hardest bit, but in reality running a successful business of any size requires constant and continued care to adapt to the ever changing business landscape.

With the right training methods, you’ll learn how to make sure you and your business stay on track for the long haul.

Module Based Learning

Zurich WorkshopsWebinars

The Legwork Modules

Module A

  • Naming & Claiming
  • What’s in a business name
  • Swiss company name rules
  • Researching a potential name
  • Protecting your name
  • Claims, taglines and slogans
  • Naming & claiming methods
  • Naming & claiming tools
  • Naming & claiming exercise
  • Logo & Corporate Identity
  • Brand basics
  • Logo design for every budget
  • Logo design exercise
  • Creating your corporate identity
  • . finding a font that fits
  • . defining a colour scheme
  • . mini branding board
  • . style guides
  • Designing for screen basics
  • Designing for print basics
  • Easy business cards tools
  • Easy letterhead tools
  • Print production tips
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Module C

  • Company Foundation
  • Legal entities in Switzerland
  • Pros and cons of each entity
  • Capital needed
  • Founding process & costs
  • Commercial registration & costs
  • Converting legal entities
  • Online tools from the Swiss authorities
  • Professional registration services
  • Insurances Registration
  • Mandatory vs optional insurances
  • Social insurance:
  • The Swiss three pillar system
  • .1st pillar: State pension
  • .2nd pillar: Occupational pension
  • .3rd pillar: Private pensionn
  • Business insurance:
  • .Employees .Liability
  • .Property
  • .Business Interruption
  • .Machinery .Health Risk
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Module D

  • Accounting
  • Swiss accounting obligation
  • Swiss accounting principles
  • The fiscal year
  • Simple vs double accounting
  • Inventory
  • Financial statements
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Budgeting & liquidity
  • Cash flow
  • Swiss online accounting tools
  • Audits
  • Banking & bank accounts
  • Taxes
  • VAT liability
  • VAT filing methods
  • VAT process
  • Online tools for VAT filing
  • Corporate tax
  • . for partnership based entities
  • . for capital based companies
  • Company tax rates in CH
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The Webwork Modules

Module E

  • Getting online
  • Domains and registration
  • Hosting solutions
  • Website costs
  • Easy email setup
  • Build your own tools: Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly
  • Webshops
  • Landing pages
  • Browser differences
  • Cookies
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • SEO explained
  • Google ranking
  • Keyword brainstorming
  • Meta data
  • Onpage optimisation
  • Offpage optimisation
  • Local business profiles
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Module F

  • Hosting & Setting up
  • Wordpress.com, .org vs self
  • Installing WordPress
  • Free vs premium themes
  • What to look for in a template
  • Frontend & backend
  • Pages and posts
  • Creating menus
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
  • Customization & Maintenance
  • Theme sources
  • Essential plugins
  • Updating WP & plugins
  • Back ups
  • Moving a WP site
  • Getting help in forums
  • Getting help from developers
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Module H

  • Fundamentals
  • The digital opportunity
  • Finding your audience
  • Market research
  • Crowdfunding
  • Analysing and reporting
  • Email marketing
  • .List building
  • .Campaigns
  • .Opting in and consent
  • .Copy writing
  • .Delivery
  • Mail services (Mailchimp etc).
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks
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After months of frustration trying to update and expand my WordPress based website cswilde.com, Susan came to my rescue.  Before I knew it, she had moved the site to my own server here in Switzerland, installed a shiny new template and all the plugins in the world I wanted. I was deeply impressed with the speed and quality of the process. She really knows her stuff and even jumped in and helped tighten security after the site came under attack. Awesome service, which I can highly recommend.

CS Wilde

Fiction Writer, CS Wilde

Susan injected a good dose of her Swiss Biz acumen into our online cultural magazine The Woolf and its associated Writecon workshops. She helped us get established as an association under Swiss law, setting up an official bank account and finally moving and relaunching the online magazine. I am thrilled to have her on board and look forward to our continued collaboration.

J.J. Marsh

Founder, Co-Editor & Creative Director, The Woolf

Susan was instrumental with getting SwissPaleo.ch off the ground. Not only did she create a logo and visual identity for the brand that absolutely nailed the look and feel I had envisioned, but also set up the web presence from domain registration to hosting and WP theme selection to installing all the necessary plugins. She understood what I wanted and translated it into a fully fledged brand and site ready for me to dive into and grow! Thank you!

Lisa Bennet Broccoli

Food Blogger, SwissPaleo

I was looking for an easy and fast solution for my new website. Something I could update by myself, without any programing knowledge but still have the look I wanted. Susan swiftly created an easy go to solution for me. I can now update my website on my own without the hassle of programing and it looks professional.

Khamsavan Wiesner

Tattoo Artist, Khamsi Tattoo

Going up?

Swiss Small Biz Bootcamp helps you get there.


At the outset, the entrepreneurial journey may feel as daunting as climbing a mountain.

But with SSBB you’ll not only learn how to get to the peak with your oxygen intact, you also get useful tips on what to pack, shortcuts,  waypoints and timetables to ensure you don’t slip and tumble along the way.