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Planning Bundle

✓ One page BP template (Word)
✓ Extensive BP template (Word)
✓ SSBB BP mindmap (PDF)
✓ SWOT analysis template (PDF)
✓ Three month planner (PDF)
✓ Weekly planner (PDF)
✓ Gantt planner template (Excel)
✓ Cashflow template (Excel)


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Finance Bundle

✓ Simple accounting sheet
✓ Profit & loss sheet
✓ Cashflow plan
✓ Invoice template
✓ Getting paid tips
✓ Accounting software overview
✓ Account structure template


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How to Freelance in Switzerland: VAT Registration

If your business will generate more than CHF 100’000 per year, registration with VAT is mandatory. Find out about the two possible ways to file your VAT returns and how to easily register your company with the Federal Tax Administration.

Expat Entrepreneur Spotlight: Fiona Flintham

Fiona Flintham, a Brit with wit, grit and wicked marketing skills to boot is kicking-off the “Expat Entrepreneur Spotlight” blog series, in which you’ll meet some of the courageous start-uppers and learn how they dealt with the struggles they faced and how they overcame them.

How to Freelance in Switzerland: Company Registration

If your Sole Proprietorship business will make less than CHF 100’000 per year, a registration with your local Commercial Registry is not mandatory. Depending on your area of business, registering might benefit your company, however. So we check out the registration process and costs.